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This essay is required one week in the course in the form of a discussion post. ...


The blockbuster era started with the class film, Jaws that came out in 1975. This new era was derived from the previous creation of New Hollywood films. This new style was more fantastic and upbeat because it was less about politics and more about the film itself. These new films had a large budget, adventure, action, happy endings, clear good and evil choices, and likeable heroes. “The long-standing association of the blockbuster with extravagance, costly sets and costumes, high-priced stars, and a lavish production value..” (Belton 321). These types of films targeted teens and young men. It was also important that the films could be easily exported to foreign markets. The film Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, is a perfect example of a blockbuster film. In the film Jaws, you see many examples of how it is a blockbuster film. To start off the film was high budget. “However, in undertaking these low-budget subjects, Hollywood gave them a big budget treatment.” (Belton 355). Having a large budget meant they could afford better stars, costumes, and sets. The film contained special effects and explosions (shark explosion) which not only drew in audiences but made it an exclamatory blockbuster film. Another way in which Jaws is a blockbuster film, is because of how likeable the characters were. Not only was the audience able to relate as well as like the characters, there was also a “hero for the masses”. “A monster of horror film begins with the death of an innocent victim and ends with the actual or symbolic death of the thing..” (Belton 25). Martin Brody is the one who ultimately kills the shark for the safety of the people and is seen as the hero. This film became very popular among its time, it was just what the people were looking for in a film. Jaws, became a worldwide success. The film blew the box office up and broke records. People were so eager to go see “the great white shark”. Not only did people go to see the film once but they went and saw it multiple times. “This pattern of infrequent movie-going could only sustain the industry in an era of blockbusters- an era in which each film became a special event that drew the sometimes spectator away from other leisure-time activities and back into the movie theatre.” (Belton 322). The film Jaws, made people want to leave their house and go to the movies, multiple times. In the 1960s colleges started to introduce film departements into their education. Around the 1970s those who graduated from film school started making movies in Hollywood. Hollywood favorited those who were eager and those who went to major film schools. “They were uncritical of their industry, eager to succeed in it, and appreciative of its history.” (Belton 352). These new young filmmakers were making a rise in the industry. “film schools functioned to provide a pool of semi skilled talent on which the industry could draw whenever there was a need for new blood.” (Belton 352). The industry became more popular among the younger generations and those already in the industry enjoyed being able to find a fresh mind when needed. The Film School Generation of Directions all had common characteristics in their films. They included a mix of old and new ideas, mix of styles and aesthetics, revised the old generes and made them fresh, they mixed together all of their favorite films, and they have mellowed with age. Jaws has a mellowed plot that does not involve politics. Also a common technique used by the Film School Generation was the POV shot. This gives the audience a view of what the

character see. In the film Jaws, the audience gets a POV shot when Martin Brody was reading the book on sharks. We also get a POV shot when he was on the typewriter. The film Jaws, is the reason the Blockbuster Era has begun. Critics were able to see how well the film was doing at the box office and wanted to continue the success. “Steven Spielburg productions that dominated the motion picture marketplace from the late 1970s to the 1990s..” (Belton 305). Through the film you are able to see common characteristics of the film school generation as well as reasons Jaws, by Steven Speilburg, is a blockbuster film....

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